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The Ollimania Books bursting with stunning visuals, good hearted humor, adventure and some truly 

catchy visuals. Humor makes the difference. Whether the core experience is supposed to be one of fear, adventure, suspense, emotion or something else entirely, humor makes it better. Discover the best Ollimania adventure books in best sellers. Ollimania stories continue to be in the hearts of children, young adults and older adults.


Olli starts an orchestra


In his quest for the perfect orchestra, Olli begins an adventurous journey with his trumpet. Along the way he meets other musicians like piano playing fish, a Spanish gitarist and plenty of musical friends who all join him. Although No language connects them. But the language of music does! And the music gives them power to defeat the Angry Pigeons...

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The Old Forest


An extraordinarily courageous journey
of  Olli in search for his far-away friend Ari.
 Olli has never made a long journey like this before. Armed only with luck, he boldly sets off. The old forest is filled with extraordinary peculiarities. It’s a world unto itself. Everything in it is ancient. No one in the forest can escape the old forest’s aging effects. Its beauty is magical, like a fairy tale. But fairy tales don’t always end well, Olli knows. Holding on tightly to his luck, he nevertheless continues onward.


Olli and the pudding rocket


Olli and Ari have their hearts set on going to the moon. Ari builds the first pudding-powered rocket. And it works without a hitch!“One small step for an elephant, one giant leap for a pig!” exclaims Olli after a successful landing. They’ve come to plant their flag. But there are also lots of surprises in store for them on the moon...


Olli discovers the world


Olli discovers the world. On every page Olli shows that he is in other country.

It's up to the reader to guess where Olli is.


The Desert Dragon


A message in a bottle … and a journey round the world.
Olli always dreamed of finding a message in a bottle. hands were shaking as I uncorked it
When a bottle washed up. He made it together with his friends his mission to track down the sender what happens to be family of Kor the Crab. 
The letter is from Uncle Louis who lives in the middle of the desert and aks for help...


Olli is an elephant

Board book

Olli spent a long time coming up with this title…

Guess how Olli is dressed up? Of course, he doesn’t fool anyone in the end. Olli is an Elephant is a fun dress-up book for the littlest ones. But it’s also very suitable for parents – thinks Olli…


Olli Dreams


Every day Olli sits in his favorite tree. The place he likes to close his eyes and travel in his dreams. Everything is possible in your dreams and when you remember it it is real.


Santa Olli

a Christmas Story

The most personal charming Christmas gift there is.

Let your little one unwrap the most magical Christmas book there is this Ollimania Christmas Book! 

A very special book featuring your child and Santa Olli.

Everybody believes in Santa Olli!

this book is  loved by teenagers and adults too as favorite gift under the tree!


Tutje Book for your BFF


Ollimania’s Little Pink Mousey is Tutje. She loves best friends. The greatest thing about best friends is that together you are soul sisters. You don’t gossip over each other but gossip together…In this little booklet Tutje shares funny recognizable saying about BFF.