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Olli is the 100% fake elephant made out of fake elephant stuff. Olli is the bravest elephant of the world. Olli loves adventure, his friends and to dream big. Olli is gifted with a powerful imagination. Everything is possible in his world. He flies around the world in a paper plane, goes to the moon in Pudding Rocket, Olli is always well-prepared for adventure. Armed only with luck, he boldly sets off.If things are not going according to plan Olli laughs and sees the bright sideand makes sure luck is on the same side.He never stops exploring.


Olli Loves you

The truth is that a lucky elephant isn’t  lucky by sheer accident. Olli is lucky because of the mindset he brings to life. A mindset that accepts bad luck is inevitable but good luck is something that is created by sheer of bravery and hope.

Olli can’t live without his friends and without you. Olli loves you

Olli Jump.png

Olli loves new friends

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An Ollimania Short film

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