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Ollimania has grown to occupy a unique and distinctive place in characters design and storytelling by continuously expanding the boundaries of the art of design. Storytelling is the center stone of Ollimania existence, and it’s what enables the Ollimania characters to communicate and connect with all ages in all demographics.

Original Story telling

The Ollimania Books bursting with stunning visuals, good hearted humor, adventure and some truly catchy visuals. 

Humor makes the difference. Whether the core experience is supposed to be one of fear, adventure, suspense, emotion or something else entirely, humor makes it better.

Olli romantic in the dark ollimania

The phenomenon Ollimania

A large part of Olli’s success can be attributed to its bizarre humor, cuteness and he is very cuddly for all ages. Olli is a 

stand-alone character with a huge fanbase. The unusual marketing strategy of licensing including the high value, very originally artwork  and stories of Ollimania Studios is also behind Olli’s commercial success.

Ollimania Studios appear to be a true believer in the artistic singularity of design and storytelling. The stories spark curiosity among young minds; they combine excitement, humor and heart-warming moments.

Ollimania embraces their great privilege to tell stories by creating books, films and animations that bring people  together, kindle imaginations and inspire people to dream. 

Ollimaia characters Olli sketch

Ollimania is a family of characters and are always up for some fun and adventure. 

The Ollimania family, also called Olli and his friends, is famous for being irresistible cute and funny. 

Each character is a trademark and has its own unique background, life, flaws and dreams, which are reveled during the Ollimania adventures in books, movies and cartoons.

Ollimania is known not only for its eye-popping aesthetic and incredible cute characters but also its great humor and stories.

Olli book illustration ollimania
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