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NUR 273 / ISBN 978 90 258 6839 0



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Every day Olli sits in his favorite tree. The place he likes to close his eyes and travel in his dreams. Everything is possible in your dreams and when you remember it it is real.

Olli dreams.jpg

To dream Olli imagines sheep and tries to count them. Sometimes he only needs to count 9 sheep to fall asleep but other times there are thousands of sheep.


Then he falls asleep and the world feels upside down and turned around. Nothing makes sense but Olli likes it. He can fly!
Ari the pig makes it rain cute little rubber ducks and the clouds feel soft and smell like icecream.


But suddenly this beautiful world is gone. Olli is cold. Where is he? In an arctic nightmare. A big hairy monster is chasing Olli and he can't get away. Wait, there's a door.
He can see himself floating like  an air balloon in the sky but can't reach it. Run Olli!


Olli is flying again. He escaped the bad dream into a magical dream. High above the trees with a little basket that carries his best friends. It's getting dark and Olli has to land.


A spooky forest with crazy dancing rabbits and a big dinosaur with a chicken friend. Is he scary or friendly?


Olli chooses not to be scary and follows with the white rabbits. While bouncing around the rabbits stick together. Olli tries to run away but somehow he is stuck. He can only bounce like te rabbits. It's a spooky forest. He wishes he was in his room with his friends... his wish comes true but only up side down.


Although Olli is stuck to the ceiling, he is very happy to see his friends.

Especially Ari, the pig,  he is the smart one of his friends and always knows a solution to any kind of problem.

Ari greets Olli, 'Hi there, how do you do that? Hanging on the ceiling?"

'I really don't know....', says Olli. ' I rather be on the ground. Can you help me? You are smart!'Please borrow me some of you... you are smart. Just a little piece of you. So I can get out!'

Ari laughs


Before Olli knew it, he got a piece of Ari. Only his behind, not the part with Ari's brains.....


Olli is hopeless and  so tired. And starts counting sheeps again. He wakes up with all the sheeps in the tree. Although he doesn't know if he is awake or dreaming.... but it feels good to be on his favorite spot.

  • How long does it take to travel to the Moon?
    It takes about 3 days for a spacecraft to reach the Moon. During that time a spacecraft travels at least 240,000 miles (386,400 kilometers) which is the distance between Earth and the Moon. The specific distance depends on the specific path chosen.
  • How fast does a falling star travel?
    A star racing through space goes faster than a speeding bullet. The star Olli and his friends are on is traveling at 130 kilometers per second, or 291,000 miles per hour.
  • How does pudding gives energy?
    The Ollimania pudding fuel is special made by Ari. It’s a secret recipe this energy-boosting pudding is a source of amazing long-term energy.
  • Why is John not energized but gets tired of all the pudding?
    To get energy from the pudding you need to limit the amount. When the pudding is ingested, it expands, what makes you feel full and if you eat too much it makes you tired. The pudding absorbs up to 21 times their weight in liquid. John ate too much and almost at himself to death, luckily the Moon Billie doctor saved him.


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