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An extraordinarily courageous journey

Olli's favorite thing to do is sitting high up in his tree and waving at his far-away friend Ari.

When Ari fails to appear on the horizon for a few days, Olli decides to go look for him. Olli has never made a long journey like this before. Armed only with luck, he boldly sets off. The old forest is filled with extraordinary peculiarities. It’s a world unto itself. Everything in it is ancient. No one in the forest can escape the old forest’s aging effects. Its beauty is magical, like a fairy tale. But fairy tales don’t always end well, Olli knows. Holding on tightly to his luck, he nevertheless continues onward.


Along the way Olli meet new 'old' friends.

Olli excitedly enters the old forest at a brisk pace. The forest exudes a tremendous sense of peace. Everything in it is incredibly old. The trees are gray and spindly and bare. 

Their leafless, warped branches droop to the ground. Any leaves still attached to the trees are dry and drab. The tired-looking timeworn mountains loom here and there, their tops worn and eroded. Dried-up old twisting streams. Old pine trees with thick, weakened trunks buckling under their age lean towards neighboring trees for support. The aged gray birds choose to walk instead of fly, the squirrels hang lazily over limp, dried-up crooked branches.


 Olli’s illustrator Hein Mevi was awarded for The Old Forest pictures. Mevi’s captivating art, executed with a mix of Asian and Western techniques, combines meticulous, gut-wrenching realism with dreamlike panoramas. Since the book's release, The Old Forest has garnered lots of acclaim and other awards.


Readers love to read Olli’s stories out loud. 

Specially The Old Forest is a heartwarming book about friendship and adventure with 

an underlying message to enjoy life when you are young.


Olli's journey is a trilogy.

As Ari and Olli are separated by the great old forest, an endless road and a vast stretch of no-man’s land. Olli got three challenges to fulfill to make his dream come true to meet his far-away friend Ari.

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FLEUR_Diederiekje Signing.jpg

Olli The Old Forest book had a special event at a Children’s Hospital.

It was a big happy event to celebrate Olli and all the gifts of Olli to the little ones in need.  


“Ollimania creators are people who are deeply committed, and their donation is again sign of their commitment,''


says Director of Sophia Hospital.

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