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Olli loves the full moon, it’s that time when mysterious things happen and wishes come true

Once upon a time Olli got lost on his way home. It was already late and getting dark and cooler.  The silver-white autumn moon rises. Olli’s favorite moments. Normally he looks for a tree to climb into and enjoys the view. But somehow they were no trees around.

Olli kept on walking. No trees anywhere….

He looks into the sky but hen stumbled over a small green pumpkin.

Olli is surprised to see that he landed into a field of the smallest pumpkins he ever saw.

Olli: ‘Why are you still so small and not glowing?’

The smallest pumpkin whispers: 'We are the forgotten pumpkins. Nobody wants us....'

A tear of sadness is rolling over Olli’s cheek.

Olli can’t stand loneliness. The fear of abandonment is very familiar for Olli.

And the feeling of being different too. Olli is the one and only fake elephant made out of fake elephant stuff.

Olli feels lucky he's different than the rest.

The pumpkins look sad. Olli wants to make them happy and starts to sing a little song.

The pumpkins seem to like it they gather around Olli and ask for more. 

Olli sings and sings till he falls asleep.


The next morning loud excited screams wakes him up.

The pumpkins turned orange and grew overnight.

They thank Olli for the magical night.

Olli is so proud that all the pumpkins are full of joy.


There is magic in the night when pumpkins glow by moonlight!

Pumpkin Story

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