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Dare to dream

Every day Olli sits in his favorite tree. The place he likes to close his eyes and travel in his dreams. Everything is possible in your dreams and when you remember it it is real.


No matter where you're from  of who you're... your dreams are valid

Bedtime stories are a favorite among children and parents alike, and this is one of the most beloved bedtime stories of all time.


One of Olli's dream is OlliBall. Olli is stuck in a game. You can make Olli fly through different worlds consisting different levels.


Olli wishes you sweet dreams.They are the best. Olli's tip to have the best sweet dreams is to eat a banana with one blue berrie before bedtime.


Olli dreams is more than a book.

Ollimania is seeking to bring happiness and joy to children and especially children in need.

Every year Olli makes hundreds of dreams come true. 

Dreams are essential to have a happy life. This book is specially made to inspire kids to dream. Anything is possible. Every time you can make up your own story.

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