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Olli loves The Ollidays. Lots of time to spend with family and friends.

Happy Ollidays

The New Year filled with friends, family and Many Good Ollidays.

Is there a countdown of how many days until the next Olliday?

‘Well, if you really must know, NO!

Every day is an Olliday.’

Join Olli in the fun each and every Olliday of the year.

A charming gift book for the holidays


Olli brings more happiness and laughter for under the tree

Happy Olliday is a Personalized Christmas book with you, your child or anyone you love to give this book to, in the story along with Olli, his reindeer, and his elves.


Olli wish you the best memories.

 Yesterday Olli met a mayfly for the first time. They became good friends and did everything good friends, laughing, drinking, watching movies, sharing secrets, and fight with kisses. When Olli woke up this morning, he was sad, the mayfly was no more ....

He still had left a message for Olli: Enjoy our memories

And that's what Olli does...


Opposite the end is the beginning of much happiness. This allows Olli very happy, because Olli does not like the end. He's bad take farewell. At the last minute of the last day of the year, Olli says goodbye to the old year. On the contrary, he does not even look at, but is first in line in the first minute of the first day of the new year.

Olli loves a New Year:

12 new chapters, 365 new chances.


Olli got 3 special Books for under the Christmas Tree:

1. Happy Ollidays

2. Santa Olli

3. A Secret Christmas Story not to be shared with anyone...

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