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Dick Duffi

Dick Duffi loves power. Whatever situation he is in, he will always respond with “yes, you're crazy and I'm not.” Duffi got  a narcissistic personality disorder and believes he is superior and special, he doesn’t seem to see that he is as grey as all the other pigeons..

APPEARED IN BOOKS: Olli and the Desert Dragon Olli / Olli and the Glorious Shit Storm / Happy Ollidays


At an early age, Manchu lost his whole family by falling out of a box in China. He tried to find them ever since, but he never succeeded. Manchu suffers from separation anxiety and struggled with dyslexia. His life has been a roller coaster ride, but somehow he has always been able to land on his bottom and still try to make the best out of every moment. 

APPEARED IN BOOKS: Olli Dreams / Olli and the Glorious Shit Storm


K.C.  is a special kitten. First of all she knows he got many lives and her mission is to use them wisely and doesn't waste them.... Although she doesn’t remember what she did in her last life en knows what she would do:
Prank everyone all daylong. Fart as leaving a crowed elevator. Super glue public toilet seats. Yell out the plot to movies in crowded movie theaters. Kick a barking Poodle right in it's rear and finally jump off the highest tower in the world to proof that a cat always land on its feet. After all that...then K.C.’s life will be complete! There is only one thing what is consistent during all her lives and that's drinking milk from a carton bottle. K.C. is a milk junkie, always thirsty for more…

APPEARED IN BOOKS:  K.C Kitten / Happy Ollidays


The thought of a fish being “born in the wrong body” sounds totally bizarre, but Arnold is the proof. He is “trapped” in the wrong body—his biggest dream is that his fins will grow into wings. Arnold wants to be bird so he can fly around the world, floating gracefully through the air instead of being stuck into the water. 

APPEARED IN BOOKS: Olli and The Poop Cannon / Olli and the Desert Dragon / Olli Dreams / Olli and the Glorious Shit Storm


Balloon Boy is a superhero, but not all superheroes are created equal. Balloon Boy got a bafflingly silly power; he is able to go up in the air anytime and fly around the world. Very slow....but still. In his defense: He's actually a pretty effective weapon, as long there is wind to push him into the right direction.

APPEARED IN BOOKS: Olli and the Desert Dragon Olli &  Olli and the Glorious Shit Storm

Moon Billies

The Moon Billies live in hilly regions of the moon; they are stereotyped as illiterate, immoral, moonshiners who tend to stay in their area and are very secretive. In truth they are hard working creatures, which are of deep faith, who are very proud of the Moon and will defend their beliefs even unto death. The Moon Billies are uncontrollable and clueless invaders who have no taboos.

They like to like to make a lot of noise. They love old-fashioned country music and hard rock.  There’s a child-like cheerfulness in their behavior, which appeals to all ages. 

APPEARED IN BOOKS: Olli and the desire dragon Olli and the glorious shit storm


We love dumming

The Dumbirds have been around for a long time but haven't really evolved. Despite of  the word dumb in the name, politeness goes to the extreme when these birds are together, that is important as it gets really crowded when they all would gather.

With more than 23 million Dumbirds, their population is one of the most densely in the world. Yet Dumbird crowds are orderly. Every bird waits until the light changes to cross the street. On wide sidewalks they follow the unspoken rule of staying to the left … All are yellow as bright as the sun, and always shiny polished. 

A Dumbird in a different color is rare and may look incredibly strange, but fascinatingly beautiful!

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