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Copyright © Didi Bok 2020 Copyright illustrations © Hein Mevissen / John Doe BV 2020 All rights reserved

NUR 273 / ISBN 978 90 258 6839 0



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Olli is standing at the riverside. He loves the view over the water and the skyline of the big city. While he enjoys this moment he suddenly slips over a banana peel and falls into the water.


Olli never learned how to swim. He immediately sinks. The under water world is totally new to him. He can’t believe his eyes when he sees all the magical colors,


The happy wavy plants and all the beautiful different fish. 

‘What’s that?’ Olli thinks. 

‘A floating animal with a roof on its back’.


Olli would love to meet them all and become friends with them. But Olli sinks further and further down towards the bottom of the river. It gets very dark and muddy. 


Olli sinks and sinks and sinks… Deeper and deeper…

Then finally he hits the bottom and makes a soft landing.

It’s pitch dark. 

Olli can’t even see his own trunk, he feels very lonely and lost.

He doesn’t know how to swim.


His legs are too heavy to walk or move forward.

Then Olli gets an idea!

Why not flutter his ears; they are much lighter than his four big elephant feet.

It’s a strange feeling to flutter his ears underwater but he moves forward. 

Olli looks between the poorly lit plants and mud and sees a round thing. Olli flaps his ears to get closer.


It’s a ball. Even better, it’s an old soccer ball.

One of Olli’s favorite sports is soccer.


Olli is so excited.

He wags his ears as a happy dog’s tail

He kicks the ball with his trunk as hard as he can.


Olli flaps as fast as he can after the ball, passing a funny looking yellow fish.


The fish looks with big eyes to Olli wondering what kind of fish Olli is.


‘I am Arnold’ the yellow fish says.


Arnold: ’You have very cool fins’

‘Those are my ears!’ Says Olli.


Suddenly a strong current sweeps the heavy Olli away.


He flips over and swirls around and lands upside down among the slippery water plants. When he opens his eyes he sees a very angry crab on top of him. It’s Kor.


‘Who you are? Nobody ever disturbs me when I am taking my afternoon nap without a good reason!‘

He dangerously waves with his scissors around Olli’s trunk and ears.


‘Please don’t hurt me’.

‘Sorry it was an accident. My name is Olli. And I am new under water. It’s also my first time playing underwater soccer.’



By hearing the word soccer Kor’s mood changes.


“Soccer?” he shouts excited. “You are a player of soccer?”


“You are the best. You can always wake me up for a game of soccer! Come on let’s play.” And Kor kicks the ball.

“Wait! I can't swim that fast!” says Olli.


"Do you see a sign yet, Arnold? " asks Olli, while speeding, sliding through the sand.

They all enjoy rolling through the sand. It’s the best amusement park they ever went to.
They jump from one sand hill to another, fall into large and small sand pits and play hide and seek.

Suddenly Olli can’t see anything anymore. There is sand everywhere.


"Where are you guys?" Olli yells


“Straight ahead!” Kor says.


"I don't see anything ... not even my own trunk!" Olli shouts.


"Straight ... on," Kor coughs.
Ari wails, "I’ve got sand in my eyes! I can’t see” 


"And now to the right!" Kor orders.


"What is right? Olli asks. “I can't see anything with my eyes closed and I have sand in my trunk."


" RIGHT! "Shouts Kor.

“Hey big gray one! Where are you?”

Kor Crab stand at the edge of a large empty muddy space that is covered with large and small holes.


“This is our football field!” Kor explains


“All holes are goals. Three points for the ball in a small hole, and one point for a large hole. Everything is allowed ... Come on let’s play”


He kicks the ball so far away even Kor’s sharp eyes can’t see where it landed.

“Wooooooohhhh what a surprise! You are a prof player.” Shouts Kor


The ball went far beyond the field.

Olli and Kor both go after it.


In their search they pass all kinds of interesting water plants and fishes.


Kor spots every corner while Olli follows him in Aaawhh. He still can’t believe the beauty of this under water world.


“Hey trespassing is at your own risk”


“Hi Ari,” responds Kor.


“Ari lives here! He is special and very gifted. Ari is the smartest pig on the planet above and under water. An amazing inventor. He can live underwater because he has two long straws in his nose for air. 

You should meet him.”


Olli follows Kor who’s cutting all the sticky water plants with his siccorhands to make a path towards Ari’s home.

Ari’s house looks more like a junkyard than a proper house. If he you look closer it’s clear Ari loves to collect a lot of things, but unlike a hoarder, all the items have a purpose or value.


A piano, an old car, plenty of bikes, lampposts, hospital beds, bricks and lots of umbrellas are piled up around his house.


Olli loves the piano and starts playing a song with his trunk.


Ari immdiately opens the door and starts playing his self-made ukulele made from a broom and a trumpet. He invites Kor and Olli in his home.


“Come inside, it is very dangerous out there!”


It’s cozy and warm inside. The soccerball lays on Ari's worktable!

He points at the ball and says:


“I’d like to play with you guys but I am in a hurry. I have to pack everything and move before it's too late. In a few moments I can lose everything: my house, my life, my entire inventor's existence, everything is in danger.”


“What’s going on, what’s happening?” Kor asks.


“Long story short. Haven't you seen those holes everywhere outside? That’s what will happen with this place too….the city is cleaning the bottom of the river,” Ari explains.


On his desk are piles of drawings.


“Why didn’t you invent something to get rid of those City people” Kor asks.


Ari shakes his head, “I’ve tried but nothing seems to work.”


Olli looks at the sketches of Ari’s new inventions with curiosity.


“What is this? How does this works?” he asks.


“It’s all crap. Just stupid sketches … of not working machines.” explains Ari while shaking his head. “I give up, I have to move all my stuff now…”


Olli looks around. 

He loves Ari’s house. So many things to discover. He sees a small hatch and asks Ari what it is.


Ari explains: “It’s where all the turds of the people of the city are collected. The people don't like poo; some are even more scared of their own poop than of a massive hurricane. They flush them all down the toilet and then they end up in the river through pipes and tubes.


Olli laughs out loud, “Why would anyone be scared of poop?! It’s the best invention there is.”


Kor agrees: “You don’t even have to think about it. It just pops out.”


Olli laughs louder.


Suddenly Ari runs to his drawing board. He grabs some of  his old drawings and puts them on the desk and grabs a fresh new white sheet of paper and starts sketching. “No time to waste.” Ari is fully focused on his new drawing.


“Poop poop poop! That’s the solution, shooting poop.”


“You guys are amazing. Shooting poop like bullets is the answers,” he shouts with great excitement.


Olli and Kor witnesses Ari’s speed drawing. His pen is going three times faster than they blinks their eyes.


Ari explains: “It’s a machine that works like a canon to scare the city people away.

The bullets are all the turds of the people of the city. But you both have to help me control the machine.”


Olli: “We are all yours”


Kor: “We are ready to shoot, to fight. It will be a bombing raid of turds!”


The hole makers are getting closer and closer.

The ground, the house and everything around them are shaking.

Ari is running around and orders Kor and Olli what to do to help him finish the poop cannon on time.


Kor climbs on the roof to see how far away the hole makers are from the house.


“They are here!

We have to attack now!”


Olli and Ari push the cannon in the right position and direction.


Ari checks everything quickly.

Everyone takes his position. 

Kor keeps an eye on the hole makers and the shooting direction of the turds.


“I’m ready!” Kor calls.


Olli trumpets: “Me too!”

His job is to jump on the pair of bellows. Ari made this a device in a way it will create a strong blast of air.


Ari stands next to the poop cannon. He is in charge of the whole operation and gives commands.


“Three. Two. One. Fire..”




Ari pushes the cannon into position.

Olli jumps on the bellows with full force causing the cannon to go off and thousands of turds go up.

Kor holds on tight to the hose waiting for the poop bullets to hit the target.


And then…..


It's raining turds all over the hole makers boat! The hole makers scream with disgust.

Fully covered in poop they turn around and disappear like a big floating turd to the horizon and never return.


Olli Ari and Kor all cheer. “Hurray!”

“We did it"


Kor: “Let’s play some football!”

“Great idea” Ari kicks the ball hard.


The ball strikes between Kor's pincers.


“Goal!” Olli trumps.

  • How long does it take to travel to the Moon?
    It takes about 3 days for a spacecraft to reach the Moon. During that time a spacecraft travels at least 240,000 miles (386,400 kilometers) which is the distance between Earth and the Moon. The specific distance depends on the specific path chosen.
  • How fast does a falling star travel?
    A star racing through space goes faster than a speeding bullet. The star Olli and his friends are on is traveling at 130 kilometers per second, or 291,000 miles per hour.
  • How does pudding gives energy?
    The Ollimania pudding fuel is special made by Ari. It’s a secret recipe this energy-boosting pudding is a source of amazing long-term energy.
  • Why is John not energized but gets tired of all the pudding?
    To get energy from the pudding you need to limit the amount. When the pudding is ingested, it expands, what makes you feel full and if you eat too much it makes you tired. The pudding absorbs up to 21 times their weight in liquid. John ate too much and almost at himself to death, luckily the Moon Billie doctor saved him.

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Ollimania consists of a family of characters. They come from all over and are always on the lookout for fun and adventure. All Ollimania characters are designed, created and illustrated by Hein Mevissen and Diederiekje Bok / Ollimania LLC John Doe BV © 2020 All rights reserved 


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