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The Creators
Didi Bok & Hein Mevi

Bok and Mevi: ‘Two people, one creative mind.’ What’s unique about Bok and Mevi is their ability to engage the consumer with intelligent, beautiful, often funny, powerful and inspiring work and products. It is almost impossible to look at their work and not have some response.

Didi Bok and Hein Mevi are true artist and change-makers. They stand at the peak of their profession. 

For their accomplishments, they have been awarded international with Gold and Silver, at PromaxBDA, New York Advertising Award, Clio and the highest award in the Netherlands. Bok and Mevi shape our world and their world, together. They leave their mark on everything from storytelling, film, animation, design, children books, fashion, toys, the most simple phone in the world, charity and more.

Their work and products have an unique style. Their sense of innovation is hugely original, their humor and their unassuming way of making creative work. They are always looking for new daring different areas of excitement that will result in increased revenue. 


They are specialists in visual entertainment with an emphasis on graphic design, character design, interaction design, motion design and fashion design. Their portfolio consists work of various – extremely diverse – and extraordinary quality.



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