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As a child he had always dreamed of being an inventor.
Ari wanted to fly to the moon, live underwater, travel to center of the earth, visit the stars, being invisible. He wanted to become the biggest inventor of Pig generations.


One day Ari’s dream cam true.
He made his first invention: a set of two long straws that were inserted into his nose so he could stay underwater all the time. He jumped into the water and stayed there for a long time and many inventions followed.

Ari features in the book 'Olli and the poo canon'.

Ari’s first appearance was in the book Olli and the poop canon. Ari is serious and very technical; he is an inventor, who always looks for technical answers.
Although Ari is very serious, he is not boring Pig at all. He can get angry quickly if he doesn’t know the answers.


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