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Mega Big Olli for a Children’s Hospital.

Ollimania is always involved with giving back to the community.  Ollimania works with local charity organizations as well as collaborating on common projects, fund‐raisings and social activities. In 2004 Ollimania supported a clean water project. In 2007 Ollimania collaborated with MTV for a respect elderly people like your grandparents and parents. In 2013 Ollimania saved a historic Zoo.

In 2015 Ollimania donated a huge Olli statue to Sophia Children’s hospital, where he interact with little patients by organizing special events for the most needing ones and their families. Next to the statue there is a huge Olli turd mailbox, you can write Olli a letter, poem or send him a drawing or your wishes. The makers Didi aka Diederiekje Bok and Hein Mevissen find it very important to help and give back to the community. “We owe our existence to the society in which we operate and we find it important to give something back to the society.”




Statue Olli for Children’s hospital.

This enormous shiny plastic 100% fake elephant named ‘Olli’ is donated by Didi Bok and Hein Mevissen of Ollimania/ John Doe. Why? Because it will make Sophia Children’s Hospital the first hospital with a humongous massive polished elephant made out of fake elephant stuff. And.. because life is always better with a smile. Olli’s sculpture looks exactly like the Olli toy designed by artist Hein Mevissen.

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On Thursday, September 10th, Olli arrived ready for hugs, smiles and snuggles with kids at Children’s Hospital. It was a great event with a lot of smiles. Olli has many faithful fans and they all came to see how the 9-foot tall Olli was unveiled in the lobby of the hospital by the board of the hospital and the children.

Olli’s turds…

Bok and Mevissen created a teaser campaign with hundreds of Olli’s turd to build anticipation for the arrival of Big Olli.



The big day!

The arrival of Olli was celebrated hugely; Ollimania and Erasmus MC- Children’s hospital organized a special Olli festival that took place in the hospital.  There were many activities to choose from. You could eat as many as you wanted Ollimania cupcakes. There was a special one-day wedding service for all the Olli fans that wanted to marry Olli. There was a tattoo artist who made the fans happy with an Olli tattoo. And many more things that made the Olli fans happy. Olli came to the right place. It was an amazing afternoon for the kids and their families because it gave them a break from the day-to-day routine and doctor visits. Parents were surprised to see Olli and were thrilled to see their child smile and feel joy.

It was a great success thanks to all the Olli fans.


Everyone is happy with Olli in the lobby of the Sophia Children’s Hospital. And Olli is there to stay….

But he’s not alone; his famous Turd friend came along. It is a very special turd; it is Olli’s mailbox.

Everyone, child or adult, can drop his or her letters or drawings to Olli in this special Turd mailbox. … There’s another way you can send your letters to Olli. You can always write to Olli online and receive an instant reply! Just go to Olli’s Facebook page. Send your letter to Olli, and he’ll answer right away!



This cartoon was created specially for the Erasmus MC-SophiaChildren’s hospital by Ollimania.

menno7 All kids could marry with Olli.

menno6Thousands of Ollimania cupcakes.




Sincere thanks to everyone who made this event such a success 

Photos: Menno van der Meer