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Olli was born in 2004

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Ollimania is produced and created by Diederiekje Bok and Hein Mevissen.
In 2004, they launched their first brand, From The Supermarket, which included various types of products, such as water, juice, music, books, a tabloid, T-shirts, a scooter, toys and a phone.
The logo was based on the toy characters, all of whom played a role in the products.
The simple basis of the characters corresponded to the simplicity of the products and philosophy:
“Cut the crap” and “Stop being so difficult”, are more than just catchy phrases; they form the basis of everything that Mevissen and Bok do.

Olli appeared first in 2004 under the brand 'From The Supermarket' which was divided into Water, Juice, Music, Toys and a Phone.

Original artwork of Olli in 2004

The first four toy characters were a round elephant, a flying pig, an angry fish and a talking flower who wanted to be the fastest in the world.

In 2010, Bok and Mevissen changed the name of the ‘Phone From The Supermarket’ to ‘John’s Phone’. The Toys From The Supermarket were renamed Ollimania and lots of characters have been added ever since, while the first four characters have been given the following names: Olli the elephant, Ari the underwater pig, Arnold the fish and the flower has not yet returned…. and John, Kor, Snippi, Grubbi, Squeaky, BalloonBoy, Oswald, Bath duck, Poop and Duffy joined the Ollimania family.

Olli toys posters 4

All characters evolved throughout the years but the round basic shape was always the heart of all characters.

In the beginning of 2013 Olli played a role in a campaign to support the zoo in Rotterdam. Two books released in 2014: “Olli is an Elephant” and “Olli and poo cannon ‘, within a week were two books in the top 10 children’s books. The Olli Toy is also  available in the bookstores and soon more books and stuffed toys from other Ollimania characters are available.

Olli toys posters 2

Left: Olli was printed on a package design of a water brand in 2005. Right: A flyposter with Olli in 2004.


Like Olli, all the Ollimania characters have a very cuddly and are clearly 100% fake animals. They are all made out off only materials you really love.
Every Ollimania character looks very cute but has a fundamental flaw, a defect of character, that makes them human in a way and makes them even more loveable.

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