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Duffi is the most unreliable pigeon there is.

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Dick Duffi is a sneaky and somewhat cold-hearted pigeon, which is determined to become the greatest villain in the world.
However Dick Duffi is too selfish and too stupid to become the greatest villain.DUFFI

He doesn’t stand out; he is just a middle manager like any other gray pigeons.
Duffi is the most unreliable pigeon there is. Duffy can’t do anything except talk a lot about himself and lie about what and who he is. Duffi starts every sentence with the word ‘I’ or ‘me’.
The pigeon managers give him free food every day because Duffi does not even know how to make a sandwich.
Deep inside Duffi knows that he is a loser.

Duffy def

To stand out among all the other gray pigeons he steals plans of others and tries to outsmart the others. Olli and his friends know that Duffi lies about everything. They keep a great distance from him. They find Duffi even a little sad because he thinks only of himself and has no friends. The call him ‘One-eye’ or ‘Narry the Narcissist’. But among the other gray pigeons Duffy is a star because Duffi is good at talking about himself and that is what the gray pigeons like. Duffi comes from a long lineage of Duff’s. The Duffy family is a family of losers.

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