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Never hide your smile.

Ollimania is a family of characters created in 2004. Each Ollimania character is a trademark and has his or her own unique background, life and dreams, which are revealed during the Ollimania adventures. The Ollimania family knows no boundaries. The characters come from all over the place and go all over the place, always on the lookout for adventure and fun.

The Ollimania family continues to grow and currently consists of 11 Ollimania characters:  Olli, John, Kor, Ari, Arnold, Mousey, Oswald, Grubbi, Squeaky, Balloon Boy and Snippi. They refer to themselves as the Ollimania friends.

The Ollimania characters consist of simple round shapes. They are cuddly characters with human foibles and follies.  Ollimania is produced and created by Diederiekje Bok and Hein Mevissen. Diederiekje Bok is a writer and Hein Mevissen is a designer and director.